A tribute to Bev Pervan

BEV-PERVANOn April 30, 2016, Bev Pervan passed away after a long painful battle with bone cancer. A remarkable woman and conservationist, Bev co-founded the Karoo Wild Center in Cape Town, the Campaign Against Canned Hunting and authored several books. She left this world with her partner in life and work Chris Mercer, her feline and canine companions by her side. She was 68 years old.

About a month before her passing she whispered to Chris: “Cremate me and scatter my ashes under the big acacia tree in our garden. And when you die, make sure they put your ashes under the smaller acacia down the hill, so that I can look down on you forever.” Bev’s sense of humor undimmed by her dreadful suffering.

Her ashes will be scattered, as she instructed, at the Karoo Wildlife Centre at 1500hrs on Saturday May 14th. All around the world, members of the animal welfare community will be lighting a candle at that precise time, in order to celebrate her life’s work.

Ms. Pervan’s book Kalahari Dream and for and who wish to know a little more about this remarkable lady, here is the Postscript in Bev’s own words.

Like many of us who knew and loved Bev (via email correspondence) and her unwavering dedication to conservation and animal welfare, Rosemary Wright wrote a moving piece, “The Lions are Crying.”

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