A Rare Tiger Dies at Notorious “Death Zoo” in Indonesia

raretigerdiesNews from Jakarta today describes the death of an endangered Sumatran tiger held in a zoo in the city of Surabaya, on the main island of Java known to many as Zoo of Death, where hundreds of animals have perished in recent years. The male tiger named Rama, died of heart failure. Rama was born in the zoo and lived there all his life. In the weeks before his death, Rama had serious problems with his teeth, a bad cough and appeared lethargic in the weeks before his death. The zoo is highly criticized for keeping animals in filthy, broken-down overcrowded cages and enclosures.

The management of the Surabaya Zoo was taken over by the city administration in 2014 following the mysterious death of a lion but the death knell continues and animal welfare groups insist on its closure.

The IUNC classifies the Sumatran tiger as an endangered species with fewer than 400 individuals remaining in the wild, all on Indonesia’s main western island of Sumatra. The Sumatran tigers are under constant threat due to destruction of their rainforest habitat, allowing for the growth of the palm oil plantations and poaching.

WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society sent a formal communication to Ambassador Budi Bowoleksono of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington, DC to initiate a congenial dialogue in order to explore options to ratify the conditions at the Surabaya Zoo and to offer our support and counsel.

Captive wildcats held in deplorable conditions raises a number of ethical issues—one being—euthanasia. In March 2010, The Times of India reported that at least eleven Siberian tigers were intentionally starved to death at the Shenyang Forest Wildlife Zoo. The adversity inspired our CEO to pen the article, Euthanasia: A Humane Alternative? The article was published in the Journal of the WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society, Summer 2010, Volume III.

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