The first wild Iberian-lynx cub born in Portugal

IberianlynxOn May 5th the Portuguese Government confirmed “the first Iberian-lynx cub was born in the Guadiana Valley Natural Park;” the first “wild” birth in almost 40 years.

Fifteen years ago we were losing Iberian-lynx; one of the four lynx species in the world that includes the Eurasian lynx, Bobcat and Canada lynx. In 2002 there were only 200 Iberian lynx in the world; 150 years ago Portugal was home to 100,000 Iberian-lynx.

Since then, a tremendous amount of conservation work has been done. In a press release, the authorities explained that “a cub was photographed next to her mother, Jacarandá, the first Iberian-lynx reintroduced in the wild in Portugal in December 2014.”

A team of technicians and biologists working in species conservation identified both the cub and the mother at a property in the region.

Portuguese authorities consider this as a “high-mark in Iberian-lynx conservation, since this is the first known successful reproduction in the wild for decades.”

WCCLAS News Staff

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