Wildcat Haven reports on Scottish wildcat conservation efforts


Wildcat Haven a conservation group organized to save the Scottish wildcat – one of the most endangered animals in the world – is celebrating the success of its most productive season ever.

Wildcat Haven was delighted to discover that no new feral or domestic cats had been reported at any of its west Lochaber monitoring sites over the past four months. It claims this shows its methods for protecting the wildcat from extinction are working and that they should be used as a blueprint for other areas of Scotland. Wildcat Haven was set up by a team of ecologists, wildlife experts, veterinarians, teachers and landowners in 2008 to save the wildcat, which is threatened by cross-breeding or hybridization, with domestic and feral cats.

The group’s chief scientific adviser Dr. Paul O’Donoghue said, “This is really encouraging news and shows that our approach of trap, neuter and return is working over a vast scale. The litmus test is whether any new cats come into the area and the evidence is that no new cats are coming. It means that we are now confident that Scottish wildcats in the west Lochaber area can only breed with Scottish wildcats. This is now a template for wildcat conservation and, in our view, the only way to save the Scottish wildcat.”

He added that they were planning to expand the haven area, with a long-term goal of taking in 7,000 square miles of the Highlands, between Morvern and John O’Groats.

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