Tourists evacuate German Zoo when two adult lions managed to escape


Panicked tourists were forced to evacuate a German zoo on Wednesday when two lions managed to escape, according to the Daily Mail.

The Wild Park Johannismühle Zoo in Baruth, Germany, was evacuated when the animals broke free. One male and one female lion escaped from their pens for two hours. The lioness led the charge by bolting from the front of her pen and made it to an area where visitors are free to walk around.

Police and fire services were called into action at the zoo in Baruth, 46 miles from Berlin, but reported that no one had been in any danger.

A sharpshooting veterinarian was able to sedate the intrepid lioness so she could be placed back in her cage, along with her male counterpart.

No one knows how they made their escape, but the executive director of the wildlife park, Julian Dorsch, told Bild that the outbreak was apparently due to “human error.”

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