Bristol Zoo fundraiser proves good for business but not for its lions


The Independent UK reports the Bristol zoo was criticized by a campaign group for staging an adults-only “Big Night Out” event aimed at stag and hen dos amid claims it made animals “highly stressed.”

The Independent was passed undercover video footage of two lions pacing back and forth rapidly for several minutes during the Friday night party at Bristol Zoo, where there was alcohol and loud music from a live band.

Such behaviour is believed by many vets to be a classic sign of stress, but the zoo categorically dismissed this, saying the lions were taking an “interest” in the event and “the pacing seen in the footage was in anticipation of seeing [their zoo keepers] and not as a result of sound levels.”

Around 1,400 people were at the event, said the zoo, and guests were monitored by “a strong staff and security presence.”

Captive Animal Protection Society called for the end of late-night events at zoos. “This is not the first time we and others have documented the negative impacts of these night time events on animals yet zoos continue to put their animals at risk,” said O’Brien. “The only way to prevent this happening again is to end them once and for all. If zoos really care about animal welfare, they will stop organising these events.”

Do the lions appear to be stressed to you? Watch the video: Bristol Zoo Big Night Out

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