Eighth big cat was killed in the forested Mandla-Balaghat Region

Wild Tiger [stock photo]
Wild Tiger [stock photo]

The Times of India reported last Monday that the eighth big cat was killed in the forested Mandla-Balaghat region. A Special Task Force of the state’s forest department has swung into action. Forest intelligence officials suspect these kills have something to do with superstition, like raining wealth.

The tiger carcass was found at around 4 p.m. in Kanha’s buffer zone at Manegaon village. Prima facie it appears the six-year-old tiger was electrocuted.

Officials ruled out involvement of an organized syndicate. Forest department declared a 15,000 rupees bounty on clues, leading to arrest of accused.

In 2015, poachers killed a radio-collared tiger in Satpura Tiger Reserve and extracted oil from its fat for using it as a remedy for aches and male dysfunction.

In a joint operation, officers of special task force of state’s forest department and Satpura Tiger Reserve confiscated two bottles of suspected ‘tiger fat oil’ from poaching network linked to an international gang.

Oil was seized from Srivas of Sakhai village in Hoshangabad and Yunus from Itarsi.

Both were arrested along with 10 other poachers during a month-long operation of forest department.

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