WildCat News Brief Podcast ~ with host Alex Warner ~ 21 November 2016

Our weekly podcast provides a recap of the week’s top news stories affecting all wildcats around the world. The series also highlights work performed by WCCLAS, featured interviews, commentaries and special reports.

Top News Stories for Monday, 21 November 2016:

ep29~ Representatives Costello & Grijalva introduce legislation to protect wild & exotic animals
~ Average of 110 Tigers a year entering the illegal trade chain in Asia over 16 years
~ Man caught stuffing tiger into freezer
~ Police conducting an investigation found exotic and dangerous animals at a Houston-area home where a woman lived with a child
~ Rare river crossing raises hopes for boost in Florida panther population
~ Dartmoor Zoo’s runaway big cat Flaviu gets a girlfriend

WildCat News Brief podcast will be on a brief hiatus ~ a new episode returns on Sunday, 04 December 2016


About our host Alex Warner
alex-warnerMr. Warner works extensively in television, film and music and has voiced award winning campaigns at both Cannes and New York festivals. “Where your ideas find their voice” More about Alex Warner

Music by ~ Addam Farmer ~ African Tribal Celebration

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