Dartmoor Zoo’s runaway big cat Flaviu gets a girlfriend

The Sun News reported earlier this month, the frisky lynx who sparked a big cat hunt when he escaped from Dartmoor Zoo now has a girlfriend.

Two-year-old Flaviu was free for three weeks after he chewed his way out of his enclosure in the summer. His keepers at Dartmoor Zoo in Devon reckon that his new mate will now keep him in check.


Last week, Flaviu was introduced to eight-year-old Willow from Chessington Zoo in Surrey.

The pair will be kept apart by a “nookie barrier” for a few days so they can get to know each other first.


The special fence will stop physical contact until the “grumpy” animals are comfortable with each other.

Zoo owner Ben Mee said, “They both tend to growl while they’re getting fed. They can be a bit grumpy so we need to be sure they’re getting on. It might be days or even weeks before the barrier is removed. He knew straight away that she’d arrived. He started pacing around in anticipation.”

Mee added, “We’re hoping nature will take its course and cubs will soon be on the way. Flaviu should be much happier. But whatever happens he won’t be getting out again. We’ve got treble-thick wood walls lined with tin in his animal house and there’s a roof on the pen to stop him jumping.”

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