U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service initiates an amendment to the Habitat Conservation Plan for Forest Management in Montana

On, November 29, 2016 USFWS published a notice of intent in the Federal Register explaining their intent to: prepare a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) under the National Environmental Policy Act to consider potential impacts on the human environment from proposed amendments to an incidental take permit and associated habitat conservation plan.

Under the Endangered Species Act, USFWS issued the original permit to the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (MDNRC) in December 2011, authorizing take of the grizzly bear, Canada lynx, bull trout, and two other fish species incidental to the DNRC’s forest management activities.

The MDNRC now is proposing to amend the HCP to incorporate terms of a settlement agreement and is requesting that USFWS amend the permit to cover additional lands.

USFWS further explains the purpose of this notice is to describe the proposed action and advise other Federal and State agencies, potentially affected tribes, and the public of their intent to prepare a DSEIS. The MDNRC intends to jointly prepare the DSEIS to comply with its responsibilities under the Montana Environmental Policy Act.

USFWS is not soliciting comments at this time. The public will have an opportunity to comment on the published DSEIS when USFWS announces its availability in the Federal Register and with local and regional news sources.

Link to USFWS Notice of Intent; Draft Supplement Environmental Impact Statement

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