Tiger bites off tip of zookeeper’s finger at Zoo Miami

The Sun Sentential reports a male Sumatran tiger at Zoo Miami bit off the tip of a zookeeper’s finger when the keeper broke protocol and fed the animal through the bars of its holding area, said zoo spokesman Ron Magill.

The bite happened around 2 p.m. Tuesday. The zookeeper, who hasn’t yet been identified, was taken to a hospital. Magill identified the tiger as Berani. According to the Zoo Miami website, Berani is an eight-year-old male; one of two Sumatran tigers at the zoo.

“Berani is a laid back tiger, but will occasionally act aggressively toward his keepers,” the zoo’s website states. “Nothing’s going to happen to the tiger,” Magill said. “The tiger was just being a tiger.”

Magill was still gathering information about the incident, but said it appeared the tiger had bitten off about an eighth of an inch of the zookeeper’s finger, and added “in these situations it is never the animals fault.”

It’s the second incident involving a tiger at a South Florida zoo in 2016. On April 15th, a Malayan tiger at the Palm Beach Zoo fatally mauled zookeeper Stacey Konwiser after zoo officials said she breached protocol and, for reasons that weren’t clear, went inside the tiger’s enclosure.

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