Rescued leopard released in the Shivalik Hills

Leopard/stock photo
Leopard/stock photo

After keeping the big cat under observation for 12 hours, the forest department released the three-and-a-half-year-old leopard in the Shivalik Hills. Officials said the big cat was released after he was declared fit, following a medical examination.

According to the Times of India, the leopard was rescued by a team of forest and wildlife officials from Krishna Colony, a residential area near Old Railway Road in Palwal. Forest officials said the leopard had reached the city by possibly hiding in a truck carrying goods from Saharanpur, which is close to the Shivalik Hills, to warehouses in Palwal.

“However, it still remains a mystery how has the leopard come all the way from the Shivalik Hills to the city. Anyway, our veterinary surgeons have confirmed that the leopard has lighter coat than the leopards found in the Aravalli Hills. What is important is that the leopard was absolutely fit and healthy and so we released it in the Shivalik Hills,” MD Sinha, conservator of forests (Gurgaon) told TOI.

Experts, on the other hand, feel that coat could be lighter due to various reasons. “Lighter coat is due to melanin formation. It doesn’t tell the habitat of a leopard. A leopard can come from anywhere. However, it is better to rehabilitate the big cat in the Shivalik Hills, than the Aravalis. Leopards are an extremely intelligent animal so it is not difficult for them to hunt in hills. As long as the animal is able to hunt and is healthy, they can be released in any protected forest area,” said Amit Chaudhery from People for Animal (PFA), Gurgaon.

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