Audubon Canyon Ranch Researchers find mountain lion kittens

On April 7th the ACR mountain lion research team announced the discovery of three 10-day old mountain lion kittens belonging to P1, a female mountain lion enlisted in their research study. The den was located the Glen Ellen-Kenwood vicinity of Sonoma County. The team was able to capture photos and video of the tiny lions from a distance. The kittens were not touched or handled by the researchers.

The 10-year-old mother of the three kittens. (ACR)

This marks the first offspring born to a subject of the study and was especially exciting for lead researcher Dr. Quinton Martins and team, who has tracked P1 for the past six months. P1 is estimated to be 10 years old. When she was collared in October 2016, she was traveling with two offspring, a male and a female, estimated to be about 11 months old at the time. By late December the juvenile lions had dispersed, but not before her daughter (P2) was also fitted with a GPS collar. “We now know that at the advanced age of 10, P1 has successfully had another litter of kittens – three this time. This is possibly her fifth litter,” Martins said.

Mountain lion kittens in a den in Sonoma County. (ACR)

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