Captive wild animals euthanized after location permit denied

A wildlife sanctuary in Elbert County, Colorado euthanized 11 large animals because of flooding concerns and after the board of commissioners denied a relocation permit.

Lion’s Gate Sanctuary said it humanely put down five bears, three lions and three tigers. Co-owner Joan Laub said it was done because of flooding on the property made it unsafe for the animals and the public.

Laub said the sanctuary at the east end of the county near Agate tried to relocate to another 43-acre property near Elizabeth.

“We had a solution,” she said in a statement. “We were approved by the State of Colorado, Elbert County Planning Department and Elbert County planning commissioners.”

But on April 12th, the board of commissioners denied the request in a 3-0 vote over concerns of the number of homes in the area and the owner’s emergency plan.

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