Romania becomes seventh EU country to ban wild animals in circuses

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The Romanian Parliament approved a bill that bans all circuses throughout the country from using wild animals such as lions, tigers and bears as part of their performances.

The bill will also prohibit the use of any animal that has been born in captivity or captured from their natural habitat—even if it’s tamed to be a part of the circus performance.

However, the new bill stipulates that circuses may be permitted to use other animals such exotic birds.

AFP reported that all circuses are given an 18-month period to comply with the new law and move the animals to zoos or local reserves.

Circus owners who fail to comply with the new regulations risk facing criminal charges and imprisonment for one year.

Last January, 11 animals were killed in a fire at a building owned by the Globus Circus in Bucharest including two tigers.

Romania is now the seventh EU country to ban wild animals in circus along with Austria, Croatia, Greece, Malta, Poland, and Slovenia; 15 EU countries enacted partial restrictions.

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