Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Panther Update 09.15.17

With respect to Hurricane Irma, “Panthers are highly adaptable animals that are likely to survive just fine,” said Darrell Land, FWC panther team leader.

“They will get wet when it rains and they will hunker down when the winds pick up,” Land said. “Panthers don’t build homes, so their rest sites will be rather unaffected. Trees may fall but the odds of a falling tree hitting a panther are slim.”

Land, a veteran of the state’s panther studies program, added, “I don’t recall seeing any change in panther movements during the last plus or minus 30 years of tropical systems whacking south Florida.”

If you encounter any injured wildlife, please report it to the state’s Wildlife Alert Hotline by calling 888-404-3922 or by email: tip@myfwc.com

Help with panther research by reporting sightings to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

The FWC is asking the public to assist with Florida panther research and management by reporting sightings of the large feline to the agency’s panther sightings webpage.

The FWC is interested in photos of panthers or their tracks. Anyone lucky enough to capture this large cat on camera is encouraged to submit the picture and sighting location to: MyFWC.com/PantherSightings.

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