Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Panther Update 10.27.17

On October 14th the FWC documented a new litter! The kittens: one male and one female born to Mom FP247 are approximately 23 days old.

On October 15th the FWC collected the remains of a one-and-half year old female on CR835 in Hendry County. The cause of death was vehicle collision.

Florida Panther statistics for 2017:

Seven new litters were documented consisting of 11 males and 8 females for a total of 19 kittens born in 2017.

Twenty-four panther deaths were documented in 2017 consisting of: Ten males, nine females, three of unknown gender and two male kittens. Of the 24 deaths reported, 19 were caused by vehicles, three were caused by intraspecific aggression and two were listed as cause of death unknown.

Help with panther research by reporting sightings to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

The FWC is asking the public to assist with Florida panther research and management by reporting sightings of the large feline to the agency’s panther sightings webpage.

The FWC is interested in photos of panthers or their tracks. Anyone lucky enough to capture this large cat on camera is encouraged to submit the picture and sighting location to: MyFWC.com/PantherSightings.

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