Lynx on the loose after escaping from UK wildlife park

An escaped Eurasian lynx from a wildlife park in the United Kingdom prompted warnings not to approach the feline if spotted in the countryside.

The lynx named Lilleth ran away last Sunday from the Borth Wild Animal Kingdom in Ceredigion, located about 100 miles south of Liverpool.

Lilleth is about twice the size of a domestic cat, and has “black tufts on her ears,” the wildlife park said in a statement on Facebook.

“There have never been any recorded attacks of a Lynx on a human, but they are a wild animal with sharp teeth and claws and will attack if cornered or trapped,” the statement read.

A park spokeswoman told SkyNews the lynx was spotted by a police helicopter late Sunday, but they would have to wait until Monday to start the search again.

Lynx can travel about 12 miles a day, but the zoo said “chances are she hasn’t gone far.” Lynx are solitary; they hide during the day and hunt at night.

“She is not used to hunting live prey but will chase rabbits and rodents when she gets hungry,” the zoo said. “They have excellent eyesight that can spot a mouse 250 yards away and big flat paws that help them move very quietly.”

The zoo plans to put out bait traps, in addition to working with police to reunite the cat with its feline family.

UPDATE see: The Borth Animal Kingdom Lynx shot and killed

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