Mountain lion and kitten spotted since wildfires

Mountain Lion Kittens (ACR)

A mountain lion and her surviving kitten were spotted on a Sonoma wildlife camera for the first time since October’s devastating wildfires in North Bay.

The mother, known to researchers as P1, and the Audubon Canyon Ranch Mountain Lion Project (ARC) have been tracking her for over year. Last April, P1 gave birth to a litter of kittens and the precious group was caught on remote cameras when they were only 10 days old.

But the Nuns Fire, which burned more than 56,000 acres in Napa and Sonoma counties, destroyed all of ACR’s mountain lion tracking equipment. P1 and her kittens were not seen in months.

The project’s lead researcher Quinton Martins was able to replace one of the damaged nature cameras thanks to a new donation. To ACR’s delight, that brand-new camera captured P1’s eight-month-old kitten snuggling up to Mum near Bennett Valley.

See Audubon Canyon Ranch Researchers find mountain lion kittens

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