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Henry David Thoreau believed: “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

We need your support.

Help us to fulfill our mission and ensure a wild future for all wildcats!

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A dedicated group of our volunteers formed the Lionesses for Wildness! Our Lionesses for Wildness provide support for preparing and securing grants, fundraising events, and help recruit new volunteers. Lionesses

Lionesses for Wildness invite you to Join Our Pride! Of course, friendly interloping lions and all wildcats are welcome! The support and generosity of our pride of lionesses (and lions too) is extraordinary! We hope you will accept our invitation and Join Our Pride!

We need your support and volunteer expertise in assisting us with the planning and coordination of our first annual Lionesses for Wildness Reception & Silent Auction to be held in November 2018 in Washington, DC!

Cheetahwcubs (2)If you would like to participate with the planning of our Reception or donate an auction item, please contact Lionesses for Wildness at 202-349-3760 or

All proceeds from the Reception will be dedicated to the production of our U.S. Captive Wildcat Database. The searchable database will be available on our website providing public access to information on how many and where all captive wildcats are held in the U.S. along with other pertinent public information.


March for Science

Roars of thanks to everyone around the world for attending the March For Science on Saturday, April 22, 2017! An incredible historic event in support of the important work that scientists et al perform everyday so “we” and all beings that live on this planet continue to thrive now and in the future! The work of the March for Science continues! Please visit the March for Science website to learn more about the innovative ways to stay involved and committed to the advancement of science!

WCCLAS March for Science


Several volunteer opportunities are currently available. If you have a few hours to spare a week, your professional talents are welcomed and needed. Visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Lionesses for Wildness Happy Hour

L4W Happy Hour event is being organized for the next summer solstice in Bethesda, Maryland.

Last summer Lionesses for Wildness held a L4W Happy Hour in Georgetown. It was a hot, sultry, and windy evening a top of The Graham Hotel. All who attended enjoyed happy hour beverage specials mixed especially for us: Simba, Duma and Chui, delectable wildcat treats, while listening to the sweet sounds of Africa and watching an amazing summer solstice sunset.


Join Our Pride

WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society and Lionesses for Wildness hope you will accept our invitation and Join our Pride!

Our programs and services are made possible by the generous support of our contributors and volunteers. Help us to fulfill our mission and ensure a wild future for all wildcats!

We need your support.

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