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March for Science

Roars of thanks to everyone around the world for attending the March For Science on Saturday, April 22, 2017! An incredible historic event in support of the important work that scientists et al perform everyday so “we” and all beings that live on this planet continue to thrive now and in the future! The work of the March for Science continues! Please visit the March for Science website to learn more about the innovative ways to stay involved and committed to the advancement of science!

WCCLAS March for Science ~ Photo Gallery


Protecting America’s Big Cats Part II, Summer 2017 ~ Law Library of Congress Power Lunch Series

Holy Redeemer Career Day, January 30, 2017
Our CEO, Lisa Salamat, conversed with 6th grade students at Holy Redeemer’s Career Day about WCCLAS and being a wildcat advocate. “A sharp group of students who were all very interested in the work performed by WCCLAS and asked an array of fascinating questions on captive and wild wildcats.

CITES Conference of the Parties 17, Johannesburg, South Africa from September 24 to October 5, 2016 at the Sandton Convention Center ~ Lisa Ann Salamat, Esq. & Philip J. Nyhus, Ph.D. representing WCCLAS ~ Dispatches from Johannesburg ~
~ WCCLAS approved to be an Observer at CITES CoP17! Read More

Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, October 26, 2016 ~ USFWS
Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, March 23, 2016 ~ USFWS
Our CEO attended the Wildlife Hunting and Heritage Conservation Council Meeting regarding our submission to Council in support of our initiative:
WCCLAS Letter to Council
WCCLAS Comments presented to Council
Support our initiative Prohibiting Caged, Confined and Canned Hunts

Post Production

American Tiger NatGeo WILD

Privately owned American tigers are fatter, live longer and never had to hunt for their dinner. Many scientists believe these tigers serve no purpose and call them junk tigers. Others believe their unique genetic makeup could help save wild populations. But no one really knows if these captive bred tigers can be taught to hunt and reintroduced into the wild. And many of these tigers are a mixture of different subspecies which scientists claim makes them ineligible for reintroduction.

The American Tiger is an informative documentary that presents a startling, up-close and personal look at the debate over the practice of breeding and housing captive tigers in the U.S. Part of the debate involves the issues and effectiveness of the federal, state, and local laws related to the private ownership of tigers. Watch closely for interview segments with our CEO Lisa Ann (Tekancic) Salamat, as she explains the legal complexities of the controversy.

The Wildlife Radio Show with host Laurel Neme

Dangerous and Exploitative: A Look at Pet Wild Cats: Captive Wild Cats interview with Lisa Ann (Tekancic) Salamat.
“The WildLife” Radio Show

Shelley Lozano’s Wildlife 80s

WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society featured on Shelley Lozano’s Wildlife 80s~Voice FM Radio UK (05.10.15 2-3 p.m.)
Listen while you work

DC Bar Conferences

Wildlife and the Law October 2009
Conference Program 2009

Trafficking, Trade, and Transport of Wildlife October 2008
Conference Program 2008

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