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U.S. Captive Wildcat Database

WildCat Conservation Legal Aid Society is committed to complete the construction and implementation of our comprehensive public database that will:

  • Track and monitor all captive wildcats in the U.S. and
  • Provide the public with access to a historical searchable database

Do you know how many wildcats are living in captive environments in the U.S.?

No federal or state agency in charge of overseeing the commercial trade, handling and care of wildcats knows either.

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Far too many wildcats are living in deplorable environments that barely meet the minimum standard of care under the Animal Welfare Act.

The development of the database, researching public records, digitizing documents, creating and maintaining records is proving to be quite challenging but not impossible. We believe the time and effort to construct and maintain the U.S. Captive Wildcat Database is and will be a priceless resource of factual collective information and documentation in a single searchable system.

Think Who, What, Where, When, How and sometimes Why. Anyone who needs information on captive wildcat populations, their whereabouts, their ownership, their transfers will be able to login to our database and search the various parameters. For example: A researcher needs to know the number of captive ocelots living in the entire U.S. or the number of ocelots living in Nevada and California or the number of ocelots in a particular zip code–the possibilities for extracting detailed information is limitless.

Cradle to Grave: The Life And Death of America’s Captive Wildcats

In conjunction with the development of our U.S. Captive Wildcat Database, we are investigating the disposition of all wildcats held in captive environments in the United States. Our investigation will culminate in our special report: Cradle to Grave: The Life And Death of America’s Captive Wildcats. Our report will include the purpose, methodology, development, analysis, effectiveness of our U.S. Captive Wildcat Database.

We need your support.

Please consider supporting our U.S. Captive Wildcat Database and be a part of recording captive wildcat history in the U.S.